Honda CBR 125 2011

Besides Honda has introduced a CBR 150 and 250, there is still one more family of CBR who received less public attention, namely the smallest CBR 125R. Looking like the elder brother who is very sporty, CBR 125 has smaller dimensions. Motor sport is designed for day to day activities without leaving the style and performance.

Energy is guaranteed not ashamed - maluin. With only 125 cc plus PGM-FI can be obtained power on lap 10 000 13.13 bhp and torque is obtained at 10.41 NM@8.000. To give the impression of manly sized 130/70/17 tires on the rear wheels and 100/80/17 on the front wheels. For safety and comfort of disc brakes have been pinned on the front and rear wheels. Rada front have been using type 2 piston with a diameter disc 276 x 4 mm using a piston and rear disc size 220 x 4 mm.

Overall there are several features that change from gener


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