Ducati 1198 and 1198S 2009

The 2009 Ducati 1198 will use a less expensive version of the 1098R’s engine…
According to a report on Hell for Leather, Ducati are ready with the 1198 for 2009. The bike is expected to use the 1098R’s engine (which already displaces 1198cc), but perhaps with some of its components replaced with less expensive, less exotic bits.
The Ducati 1198’s engine is also likely to be in a lower state of tune compared with the 1098R’s engine and is expected to produce about 170 horsepower – 10bhp down on the 1098R. The base model 1198 will cost around US$16,500 while the 1198S – with higher-spec suspension and electronic traction control – may be closer to US$21,000.
The 2009 Ducati 1198 will be lighter than the current 1098 and may get minor styling updates as well. Apart from this, Ducati are also expected to release a Monster 1100S for 2009, which will get high-spec Öhlins suspension, and a brand-new super-naked which will be fitted with the current 1098 engine.


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