Yamaha Majesty Steering Modify

Yamaha Majesty Modify From BaliModifikasi Yamaha Majesty
Yamaha Majesty Modify From BaliGambar Modifikasi Yamaha Majesty
Yamaha Majesty Modify From BaliYamaha Majesty Steering Modify

Made Ambara Suarjaya from Denpasar, Bali dream to have a Yamaha Majesty. That, big scooter Made Yamaha and for not not afford it. But he felt challenged modifications make it through, let alone his profession as owner modification.

Happened to be his Yamaha Mio Soul, no doubt been subjected to realize this dream. Starting from the front, "Because that's what characterizes Majesty," said Made. Perombakannya not too bothered because it can rely on to light escape the Yamaha Nouvo-Z.

Other adjustments, making visor on the lights and all use fiber materials. Uniquely, it was affixed to the LED when lit will be read M1, a workshop Made.

still on the visor, there is little improvisation in the mirror. If characteristic Majesty, mirror on the handlebars, the Mio is positioned in the cover body. "This was inspired from a number moge, turned out okay, too," proud owner of the M1 shop on Mountain East Muliawan street, Denpasar, Bali.

For business standards body is left behind. There are additional body kit on the deck. So, a little pushed back behind the wheel, and Made-confessed use retreat retreat 15 cm.

If you notice the details, impressed Made to plastic chrome on the whole body thanks to the tricks and Soul selection of paint and varnish is fit. "Actually to the rear is chrome. But not at the front. We still use the paint," said Made.

Remarkably, the effect was almost like a shiny plastic chrome. Could be so because the use of a good clear as finishing. For the final coating, Made choose DuPont brand.


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