Honda Sales Increase 35 Percent

Honda Sales Increase 35 PercentTEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Throughout July 2009, the Honda sales in the country increased by 35 percent.

According Jonfis Fandy, director of Marketing and Sales Service of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), as the sole agent of Honda in Indonesia, increased sales by selling variant was jacked by the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), Honda's latest, the Honda Freed. "A total of 1520 units sold in Indonesia Honda Freed, one month after its launch," explained Jonfis, in a press release received PT HPM Tempo, Tuesday (04/08). Seven-passenger MPV, launched in late June.

With sales figures for Honda's Freed, a total Honda sales increased to 3546 units from 2630 to the previous month.

Jonfis added, with a sales increase of 35 percent throughout the month of July, the total sales of all Honda's line-up that has been booked PT HPM sepanang January until July 2009 to 18 800 units. Among major brands, which contribute to sales in addition to the Honda Freed is the HPM, the All New Honda Jazz, Honda CRV, Honda City, as well as the new Honda Civic.

Meanwhile the high interest in community affairs to the Honda Freed, Jonfis mention, it was not attributed to the foresight of Honda in providing answers to consumer needs and wants.

"By design, features, and technology that provides consumers a new alternative to the Honda family car Indonesia proved well received by consumers. We hope that these sales continue to rise in the months ahead," said he.


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