Honda Beat Scooter Low Rider Chopper Modification

Honda Beat Scooter Low Rider Chopper Modification
Honda BeaT Low Rider Chopper Modification Picture
Although the body was wrapped in clothes BEAT bath robes, Denny was able to pour his creativity in order to be considered. One of them, the design of the model exhaust pipes that ran two trunk like an elephant. “Connecting the concept of low-rider chopper, this model’s exhaust so characteristic chopper, ’said Denny.
There’s more. He slipped pretty sophisticated technology, such as the engine indicator light “on / off” on the panel indicators concurrently sein handlebars. Then, the lights can stop blinking (when the rain), similar to the performance of F1 racing cars when it rains.
“All of operation simply by pressing a single button that innate Beat. I also make the seat release button automatically with the use of hydraulic mechanisms. This new idea I’m trying to offer,” Retro Motor boss proud of this.
Another breakthrough, replaced the front shockbreaker (sokbreker=bahasa-red) rigid model. Damping using the swing arm system, so sokbreker in the middle of a functioning body. “If there is motion due to the uneven road, the handlebars will fall slightly, while the body near the little foo


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