New S1000RR Brojol already in the Custom!

not a regular sticker, but made of material tankpad

Exterior Views've Okay, just given a little touch up!

S1000RR BMW motorcycles are relatively new. Although already joined WSBK since the 2009 season but this bike new release in early 2010 for the mass. Well how come join WSBK? Because German Superbike has been distributed to BMW Motorrad Showroom since mid 2009, although the new sale in early 2010. Views S1000RR is actually already brilliant combination of Italy and Japan product. Albert bro just for blue-white color was still too quiet to be a little touch ups ONLY!

Total Carbon exhaust from Taylor Made + Rearset allumunium

Malem masangnya from 9 am until 3 o'clock the morning!

The first part is a target for superbike modif Muffler yes! Well exhaust stadar S1000RR have catalic converter segede Gaban, aka 3 times Lipet lebi gede from Yamaha Byson ... lagh is fair! Mesinya lebi gede aja 7 times! The problem fitting mounting bolts so pekara ... S1000RR use the star model, but most of motorcycles Superbike use the key "L" is now the first new business, lanjutanya problem of mapping and electronic synchronization ... really hard to understand that BMW technology ngejelasin Hi Tech mbah a healer not a scholar Electro do not understand ... emang dah Ducati lawn mower!

No official workshop ... is not no ... Gerasi became ATPM!

Constraint through the general importer kerasanya here!

Because BMW Motorrad has not entered into Indonesia at least until 2012. So for the maniac BMW have a lot of sense. one of them by making gerasi finished garage! : Mrgreen: but not a significant problem despite okay added motor mechanic and owner of the motorcycle owners have to stay up from dusk till dawn! SemangaaaaT


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