Modifikasi Extreme Honda Tiger 2006

Modifikasi Extreme Honda Tiger 2006
Modifikasi Extreme Honda Tiger 2006
Streetfighter, hot rod, drag racing look or a look is the flow of modifications of the builders followed the sport of motor overhaul or duck. But Eriko, Kiko Custom retainer from Pontianak, West Kalimantan not can even mention his work on the 2006 Honda Tiger.
He said, the shape is still unclear. Instead, he asserted tadpole appearance. Category can be entered as an extreme change for cut order and change in total body. In fact, there is the addition of a new framework on the side of the pipe 1-inch diameter round.
Framework functions in addition to that, according to Kiko – greeting friends Eriko – as a custom tank holder. In addition, very fitting for a solid impression. Installation using bolts placed into the original frame and swing arm (swing arm).
For the body, the center of contrived slim. Different as the front or aft of impressed swollen. Especially the rear, a unique shape and application of Yamaha Mio. As a result, many are asking why such a model.
To be back menungging, the framework behind the cut and redesain. Model is also unique enough seats in the middle of a large sphere. Although the figures look strange enough, but Kiko assure proper road bike.


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